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El Burlador de Sevilla by Tirso de Molina / Tirso de Molina
Tirso de Molina (1583 ? - 1648)

It is generally agreed that the author of the Burlador de Sevilla is Tirso de Molina, born Gabriel Téllez. His birth is situated in Madrid, but his childhood remains a mystery. He enters the convent of the Merced at 16 and takes his vows, one year later, in 1601. After completing his education in Guadalajara, and Salamanca, he lives in Galicia and Portugal, spending some time in Seville, then embarks for San Domingo where he will remain for two years.
Tirso de Molina was a prolific author. He wrote about 300 comedies of manners, and intrigues of moral and religious character. He is, with Lope de Vega and Calderon de La Barca, one of the great theatre authors of the Spanish Golden Century. The main body of his work was produced between 1610 and 1625, a period during which he enjoys great popularity as theatrical author and assiduously frequents the Court and literary circles.
In 1624 this popularity is suddenly interrupted when an “ Assembly of Reform ” accuses him of corrupting morals by writing “ profane comedies ”. He is then condemned to leave the Court and is forbidden to write for the theatre. In 1632 he is named Chronicler of the Order of the Merced, then Commander of the Convent of Soria. He dies in 1648.