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Il Convitato di pietra by Cicognini / Giacinto Andrea Cicognini

Fermer la fiche Giacinto Andrea Cicognini

Cicognini was born in Florence in 1606 and died in Venice in 1651. He is one of the most appreciated dramatists of his time, as was also his father, and he leaves about fifty works to the theatre including tragedies, sacred and profane dramas and comedies. He experiments with many popular styles, and also excels as a librettist for the great composers Francesco Cavalli or Marcantonio Cesti. He is also known to have encouraged the knowledge and the dissemination of the Spanish theatre in Italy.
Thus he adapts La vida es sueño by Calderon de La Barca, as well as the works of Francisco Rogas y Zorilla or Tirso de Molina, whose El Burlador de Sevilla becomes the Il Convitato di pietra.
In all his productions, one finds a pronounced penchant for hyperbole and tangled plots but also for the marvellous. His success is spectacular and his contemporaries proclaimed him the “ famosissimo ” or the “ Tuscan Terence ”. It is certain that his style and his productions are perfectly in phase with the baroque movement that sweeps Italy, but his plays will continue to be staged in the 18th century. He also inspires Goldoni who often makes reference to him and writes in his Memorials :
among the comic authors that I read and that I very often reread, Cicognini was the one that I preferred.